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CRN Healthcare Solutions

  • Process:
  • Medical practices need to be run like successful businesses and the operations need to be addressed from a process optimization perspective.  The processes in the office from the time a patient makes the appointment until the service is paid for makes the difference between a financially successful medical practice and a struggling one in the twenty first century.  Gone are the days when inefficiencies could be tolerated within the operations due to fat fee schedules.

    Third party payers, government payers, politicians and the patients continually demand that the physician’s office find efficiencies so that they can manage to exist within the parameters of falling fee schedules, increased demands from compliance, HIPAA, pre-certification, appeals, claim follow up and many other aspects of practice management and still provide increased levels of patient care.

    CRN Healthcare Solutions assists the medical practice implement the processes which business would use to insure that costs are kept under control while still delivering quality services to their customers.  The medical practice has many customers, from the patient, the third party payers, the government officials enforcing compliance and their fellow practitioners.  Medical doctors are not taught to run their medical practices as a business nor how to view their practice from an efficient process perspective.  CRN Healthcare Solutions can use our unique engineering approach, MBA education, as well as coding, compliance, documentation and reimbursement experience to provide this support to your practice and increase your efficiency through process while increasing quality of patient care at the same time.

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